Articles & Blog Posts

Welcome to my portfolio of articles and blog posts! As a freelance writer, I have a passion for creating engaging and informative content to help your business succeed. Below is a sampling of articles I've ghost-written in the marketing & business industry, as well as blog posts for a e-commerce brand in the home decor industry.

My background in psychology and understanding of human behavior has allowed me to craft messaging that resonates with the target audience. Whether you're looking for website content, product descriptions, blog posts, or articles, I'm confident that I can deliver high-quality work that will engage and inform your audience. Browse my portfolio to see examples of my work and feel free to reach out to discuss any potential writing needs in these specific areas.

Being a Copy Cat.pdf

Being a Copy Cat

This was ghost-written for a marketing client and was published in a large marketing site. The publication added a blurb about the client at the end advertising his marketing services.

The idea behind this piece of writing is to highlight the importance of learning and growing as a writer by studying the work of other writers. It also promotes organizing a swipe file using a spreadsheet to make it easier to access and use the inspiration from other writers.

Referral Marketing--It's as easy as 1 2 3.pdf

Referral Marketing - It's as Easy as One, Two, Three!

This is another ghost-writing assignment that was published in a large trade publication. The purpose was to advertise the client's marketing services as well as establish him as a leader in the space.

This piece discusses the idea of referral marketing as a cost-effective and efficient method of advertising for small businesses. It promotes that the best way to get customers to talk about your business is by providing quality service and going above and beyond customer expectations. It then lists several concrete examples on how to encourage referrals from your clients.

6 creative ways to use photos to organize your home.pdf

6 creative ways to use photos to organize your home

This blog post was written to advertise products and services that can be used for organizing a home with photos. It discusses various ways to use different types of products as a creative and functional way to organize and decorate the home. It functioned as landing page for a social campaign, where specific images and ideas from the blog post were posted individually on various social media accounts.

10 Unique Photo Gifts for Mother’s Day.pdf

10 Unique Photo Gifts for Mother's Day

This blog post functioned similarly, advertising photo gift ideas for Mother's Day. It was designed to be sharable, and we posted the various ideas from this blog as individual posts on Facebook and Instagram.