Welcome to my marketing email portfolio! I am a freelance writer with a strong background in crafting compelling and effective marketing emails for a variety of clients. My portfolio includes a wide range of email types, including series emails and e-commerce emails.

In terms of series emails, I have experience creating drip campaigns that engage and nurture leads over time, building relationships and ultimately driving conversions. In e-commerce emails, I have experience creating promotional emails, product launch emails, abandoned cart emails, and more. I've also collaborated with designers to create visually appealing emails, and when necessary, I also design emails myself to ensure timely delivery for my clients. Overall, my goal is to create emails that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also drive results for my clients.

Due to client confidentiality, I am unable to provide access to long-form email examples, however, I do have a selection of e-commerce email examples available for viewing

Marketing Emails

A new way to PhotoTile_.pdf

A New Way to PhotoTile

All around fun_.pdf

PhotoCube Sale

All the best_.pdf

Your Weekend Just got Better

And the livin' is easy_.pdf

Summer Sale

Back in session_.pdf

Back to School Sale

Burlap is back!.pdf

Burlap is Back

Celebrate freedom_.pdf

Celebrate Freedom

For all your loves_.pdf

For All Your Loves

For everyone in the fam_.pdf

For Everyone in the Family

For furry friends and more_.pdf

For Furry Friends

For Memorial Day Weekend_.pdf

Memorial Day

For mom...or you_.pdf

For Mom

Affiliate Emails

The following emails were sent directly to affiliates to remind them of us and to encourage them to post about our sales on their channels. We were limited in what we could do design-wise due to the email program in our affiliate system, but these were still effective at maintaining our affiliate relationships.

PhotoBarn Mail - Have you ever heard our story_.pdf

Have you ever heard our story?

PhotoBarn Mail - Introduce Freedom Sale.pdf

Introducing Freedom Sale

PhotoBarn Mail - Only a few days left!.pdf

Only a Few Days Left!