Internal Company Documents

My experience includes creating clear and concise documents that are easy to follow and understand, with the goal of improving communication and streamlining internal processes. Whether it's work instructions for a specific task, company policies and procedures to ensure compliance, or help center documents to assist employees with various needs, I am dedicated to providing high-quality and effective internal documents to support the success of your organization. Please take a look at the samples below to see my previous work and to get an idea of the quality and style of my writing.

Customer Service Email Templates.pdf

Customer Service Email Templates

The customer service email templates are a collection of pre-written email responses designed to improve the efficiency and consistency of our customer service agents. These templates were carefully crafted to address a range of common customer inquiries, and were programmed into our customer service system for easy access by our agents. By providing a set of standardized responses, these templates eliminate the need for agents to start from scratch when addressing customer inquiries, enabling them to quickly populate an email with relevant information at the push of a button. Additionally, by providing clear guidance on how to address customer concerns, these templates help to ensure compliance with our company's customer service policies and style guidelines, which in turn improves the overall customer experience.

Customer Service Help Center Articles

Several of the following examples are from the customer service help center, which was used for training new agents. It was available from their dashboard as well as a searchable blog, so they could easily find policies, procedures, and helpful guides. Some articles were long-form and explained the overall goal an structure of a particular task, while others were quick answers to basic questions.

Handling Irate Customers – PhotoBarn Help.pdf

Handling Irate Clients

How to Create a Gift Certificate – PhotoBarn Help.pdf

How to Create a Gift Certificate

How to write an internal email – PhotoBarn Help.pdf

How to Write an Internal Email

The Sandwich Approach to Structuring Emails – PhotoBarn Help.pdf

The Sandwich Appraoch to Structuring Emails

The Tier System – PhotoBarn Help.pdf

The Tier System

What are Macros? – PhotoBarn Help.pdf

What are Macros?