Explore examples below that illustrate my capabilities in content creation, strategy, and design. As you peruse this portfolio, I hope to convey my proficiency in various aspects of content development, my passion for user experience, and my enthusiasm for content writing.

SEO Blog Posts

Throughout my freelance writing career, I have honed my skills in crafting comprehensive, meticulously researched blog posts. Each piece is meticulously optimized for SEO, striking a balance between high search engine visibility and delivering substantial value to readers, thereby fostering brand credibility and authority.

A highlight of my journey was contributing as a subject matter expert to Indeed.com's business and marketing blogs. In this role, I enriched the content with my insights, fine-tuning the narrative and infusing additional information to ensure a seamless reader experience. Some notable contributions include:

My expertise also extends to creating specialized content for numerous car dealerships, aimed at propelling their online presence. These endeavors typically involved crafting detailed, topic-specific articles, each over 1,000 words. Selected examples include:

If interested, feel free to browse more examples of this kind of work. Before my entrance into writing full-time, I had many opportunities to contribute to the marketing and branding at my previous job at PhotoBarn.com.


During my tenure with PhotoBarn, initially as an assistant to the owner and subsequently as Operations Manager, I was deeply immersed in creating and shaping content across multiple platforms. My role encompassed everything from website content strategy to producing engaging marketing materials. It was here that I truly learned the importance of brand management, ensuring that each piece of content not only captured the essence of our products but also spoke directly to our customers’ hearts.


At PhotoBarn, I played a pivotal role in refining the company’s branding. A key project was transforming page content from being loud and gaudy to exuding a more subdued elegance. The before-and-after comparison of our webpage stands as a testament to this shift towards tasteful branding that truly resonates with our audience. 


Product Page


Product Page (Framed Canvas Prints)

Our goal was to refine the brand, targeting a more tasteful audience. We chose a softer color palette and moved away from using exclamation points and all caps. The verbiage was changed on all product pages to highlight the product features in an organized, simple-to-understand way.

Social Media & Emails

The branding initiative touched all types of content. My responsibilities extended into crafting compelling social media posts and marketing emails. Often, I would also design these emails using established templates to maintain brand consistency while engaging customers effectively. Examples below:


Subject: Burlap Is Back!
Heading: Hanging, Framed and Wrapped Prints | $5 6x6 PhotoBoards ends on Tuesday, July 6th |

Subject: Celebrate Freedom
Heading: Independence Day Weekend Flash Sale! | $5 6x6 PhotoBoards | No code needed | Offer ends Tuesday, July 6th | 

Subject: All Around Fun
Heading: PhotoCube Sale | 2", 4" and 6" Wooden Cubes | Use code CUBE for $5 2" PhotoCubes today only | 

Social Posts:

In my role at PhotoBarn, I effectively managed and grew our social media platforms, including a Facebook page with over 450,000 followers and an Instagram account with 30,000+ followers. Collaborating closely with the owners, I was responsible for selecting engaging visuals, crafting compelling copy, monitoring post performance, and overseeing ad budgets. For a detailed look at my contributions, please explore the PhotoBarn Facebook and Instagram pages, focusing on content shared before May 2022.

Internal Documents

Developing internal documents was another facet of my role at PhotoBarn. From customer service email templates to production team instructions, I ensured clarity and efficiency were at the forefront, thereby supporting our team’s ability to deliver exceptional service. Examples: